Wobby’s Who & Why: Marco Quadri and John Broadley

“When I make comics, rather than having a linear storyline, I try to create immersive scenes. What interests me most is creating a sort of mood that carries along the whole story. I feel like in my work sometimes places and environments are more important than characters which are just sort of passersby”, states illustrator Marco Quadri (IT). For Wobby #31 – Good job, he made the cover and a 6-page comic spread. Together with John Broadley, who did the centerfold, he talks about his inspiration and his artistic process.

For the cover Marco got his inspiration from a conversation with a friend: “I was talking about developing together some sort of detective story set in a town of insects”, he states. “The theme ‘Good job’ made me think of a hidden realm of creatures working far from the eyes of humans. So then I had the idea of this shoebox containing an office within, where a praying mantis does her job as a private investigator.” Read all about it on Wobby.club.

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