Wobby’s graduates: Jiaojiao Li, Jochem van den Wijngaard, Femke Zwiep

Three recently graduated and international artists show their work in the newest Wobby #31 – Good job. They were selected from the Open Call for Graduates 2020 & 2021 and created some brand new work for the latest edition of Wobby. Jiajiao Li (CN/NL), Jochem van den Wijngaard (NL) and Femke Zwiep (NL) showcase their work. “For me, being an artist is a way to speak out. Art is a window for me that helps me to catch some fresh air. In my paintings, like the one I made for Wobby, I can express how I feel”, states Jiaojiao Li, visual artist and filmmaker. “There is always a link between my art and my life. Therefore, there is also a part of me in the drawing I made for Wobby.”

Femke Zwiep (NL) is a writer and visual artist and a 2021 graduate from ArtEZ Creative Writing. For Wobby #31 she wrote a poem. “The best way to express myself and what I want to say, is through writing. Poetry is recently the most natural way of writing for me. It surprises me, because when I write the text, through poetry it changes into something I didn’t know it could be. Mostly it starts with an observation or a theme, but then through the poem a new world opens up”, she says. “I knew the theme ‘Good job’ for a while already, but I don’t want to put the theme literally in a poem. In some way, it will be in there. This poem is about ‘Good job’ in the sense of doing your best about doing your job right. Besides my work as an artist, I also have another job that pays the rent. Some people think that this job is boring, but for me it’s not so bad. That’s what I wanted to express in my poem for Wobby.” Read all about the graduates on Wobby.club.

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