Wobby’s Who & Why: Chloè Bertron, Patrick Kyle and Jooyoung Kim

“I want my artwork for the cover of Wobby #30 to be empowering. It shows people growing flowers; they take action in their desolate courtyard and the result of their combined actions is a super-flower that cracks the floor”, says Chloé Bertron (FR). Her work and that by Patrick Kyle (CA), Jooyoung Kim (KR/DE) and many other artists, are part of Wobby #30 – Overgrown.

Chloé Bertron
For illustrator Chloé Bertron, who made the cover piece and a comic spread, inspiration for drawing often comes out of the books that she reads or her day-to-day feelings. Chloé studied illustration at the HEAR Art school in Strasbourg. “The theme ‘overgrown’ fits my drawings very well. There are a lot of plants and flowers in my work. Sometimes they serve as ornament, sometimes they carry a meaning or a feeling”, she explains. “I do a lot of personal stuff, like drawings and books, but I also work on commission. For me, the best part about making my own work is that I can go all the way and it’s very open.”

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